Our Vision is to enable more fulfilled, successful lives by energetic transformation in home and working spaces.

Everyone who has  lived and worked in your space will have left their own traumatic energy behind. Businesses that have struggled or failed in the space will have left the resonance of fears, and negative thought patterns within the building’s aura.

Taking a look at what’s present, and what is effecting the vitality in your home and office, can change everything.

Altared Spaces healers cleanse and renew the energy in your home and workspace, using deep energetic, astrological, and transformational practices, we help you create the sacred spaces that you thrive and succeed in.

We encourage you to have a short introductory call with us to discuss your home or business space.

Old Emotional Trauma and Geopthic Stress.

If residual trauma is trapped in living and working spaces they may become attached to underlying patterns and become fixed, and simple cleansing techniques such as smudging may need to be supplemented by deeper healing. Coming into a new home or office we may be unaware of the history, but find we are falling into energy patterns that are not ours. The earth contains energetic grids that conduct earth energy, some grids distort our natural frequency which weakens immunity and where they bisect will create a ‘hot spot’ which will sap the vitality of a person sitting, sleeping, or working within it.

Electro-Magnetic Pollution

We are now surrounded by a fog of Electro-magnetic pollution. From our mobile phones and laptops, and including every single electrical item in our homes and offices, there is unseen effect on our well-being. The bigger problems of G5, communication towers, and hight tension wires conducting electricity, are being examined for detriment to health. Even natural earth deposits of radon are known to create levels of toxicity. It is common to find both internal and external pollution within the home and office. Health and well-being can be impacted, ‘Sick Office Syndrome’ had been known since the 70’s. Part of our work is to create a harmonious space, using Vortex Technology these effects are mitigated.


After an initial consultation to discover how any imbalances are manifesting in your home or office, if possible we would visit to assess the energy field. A walk through the space gives us a reading of the vitality and any challenges that are present. If a visit is not possible we can work from your floor plan, the majority of our work is done distantly on the plan, healing balances can either be done completely remotely, in person, or present on Zoom.

We gather information from the energetic framework of your home or office, this will be very detailed. This will include geopathic stress, electro-magnetic pollution, old emotional trauma and any esoteric issues such as negative thought forms, entities, or other dark energies. We will also activate the heart centre of the building, where cosmic energy pours in, and through cleansing we will help to strengthen it, to increase the flow of love.

As well as clearing the intrinsic issues in the land, home or office, we are aligning the occupants to their home or workspace. There may be soul contracts with home space, personal space, an issue with boundaries, or a need to bring harmony into the space. Any occupant may be the focus for a balance, even a pet! There may need to be an astrological healing or a cosmic alignment. Deep healing is channelled using vortex technology, crystals and other shamanic artefacts.